Strapping accessories - for a system for correct and safe strapping and responsible load securing - optimally balanced

Many industries are gradually switching from steel to plastic strapping. As a competent one-stop strapping store and premium manufacturer, we offer you all types of plastic strapping: Whether PET strapping, PP strapping, polyester textile strapping, composite strapping or woven strap: we will find the perfect strapping solution for you. Naturally with the appropriate accessories such as dispensers, edge protectors or fasteners. For maximum system strength.

And as a manufacturer, we can react individually to all requirements. In some industries and for special goods, however, the use of packaging steel strapping is still essential. Of course, we can also supply you with all types of steel strapping - from bright strip to high-performance steel strapping coated with zinc dust. Our competent strapping experts will be pleased to advise you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Shipping, forwarding and logistics require a roll-off cart during the packaging process. On the one hand, this holds the strapping band, on the other hand, many of the trolleys have a storage box for the necessary tensioning device and - if required - sleeves. Most of our trolleys are mobile, so that the strapping band with all accessories of the strapping, which can be stored in the storage box, can be easily and quickly transported to the pallet, which is to be secured for transport. When selecting our dispenser trolley portfolios, we always pay attention to very good stability in order to provide the best possible work safety for the users.

The roll-off carriage must be selected to match the tape type. It is important that the core diameter of the strapping band matches the dispenser for strapping band.

Edge protection angles are used to protect sensitive edges of pallets and packaged goods. Edge protection articles made of hard cardboard or PP have become established.

Edge protectors made of solid board are single grey board paper webs, which are glued with adhesive - the cover web comes at the end, so that an optically clean product is used.

In order to be able to make you an offer for edge protection angles, we need the side lengths, the desired material thickness and, if necessary, the desired color, because edge protection angles are available in gray-brown or also in white. Of course, edge protection angles can also be cut to the desired length. Edge protection angles made of PP usually have a built-in strap channel, which prevents the strapping band from slipping. The PP edge protection is available for different strap widths.

Sealing sleeves for strapping are mostly used for manual strapping or also for steel strap pneumatics or for strapping with steel strap. Strapping seals are available in different designs.

In order to find the suitable seals, we need to know the steel strapping tool you use. When using plastic strapping, we have to pay attention to the type of strapping for which the seals are suitable - here it also depends on the dimensions of the seals so that they fit exactly to the respective strapping.

Plastic buckles can only be used for light packages up to 100kg weight. These are to be used manually with PP strapping. A device can be added - but lashing with the hands is sufficient. With a tensioning device there is the danger of damaging the buckle by applying too much tension.


Metal clamps are used for manual strapping with textile strap or, if necessary, automatic tensioning using the battery tensioner for textile strapping strap. Textile strapping is very versatile - it is important to select the clamp to the strap for maximum system strength. A woven strapping band always requires a phosphated clamp with a roughened surface for maximum hold. HotMelt strapping, thread structure strapping, WeatherGuard strapping, WGC strapping or composite strapping, on the other hand, are closed with a galvanized clamp.

Metal fasteners are quite easy to handle. Practice makes perfect. There is no automated strapping solution for textile strapping - but as a first step we have a battery tensioner for textile strapping. Please feel free to ask our employees! Advantage here is the protection of the employee's strength, more ergonomic working and for the load always the same application of the tension, which is independent of the human factor.


Load buckles for Lashing

Bar fasteners are used for securing loads with lashbands. Whether punched bar fasteners, welded fasteners or forged lashband locks - we offer all solutions. The different designs result from different production processes. Therefore all of them have different technical performance data. We advise against oversized, uneconomical solutions - but we will certainly find the optimal solution for your purposes, so that your load is perfectly secured and arrives at its destination undamaged.

If there is an attachment point on the load carrier, the load securing hook can be used. In this case, the load securing strap is threaded into the hook from one side. With this solution, a web closure is no longer necessary.