LINDER GmbH Code of conduct


LINDER GmbH supports strong commitment to economic, ecological, and socially sustainable development. We firmly believe that it is in the mutual interest of ourselves and our business partners and customers to meet the current and future requirements of our markets and society. This is done by demonstrating responsibility to the people involved in the manufacture of products and services, making LINDER GmbH the market leader in our core businesses. The management and all employees of Linder GmbH are responsible for complying with our Code of Conduct.

It is our intention to cultivate this code of conduct in the sense of a constructive dialogue and in partnership with our business partners and customers to the mutual benefit of both parties. By introducing a Code of Conduct, we are creating a valuable and safe working environment and expect all employees and partners to comply with it.


For general questions or comments about the Code of Conduct for business partners of LINDER GmbH, please contact your contact person.

Rules of Conduct

LINDER GmbH encourages all employees and partners to treat each other with respect and courtesy. We expect integrity and correct behaviour. In addition, each employee and business partner undertakes to keep trade and business secrets absolutely confidential.

We stand for:

Respectful conduct:

  • To treat others with respect and courtesy, even if I disagree
  • Openness to criticism
  • Taking care of each other and being compassionate
  • Respectfully handling idiosyncrasies and diversity
  • Togetherness – not talking about each other
  • Respectful treatment of the environment


  • Keeping promises and fulfilling agreements
  • Handling information confidentially
  • Accepting limits
  • The courage to take initiative


  • Developing the quality standard and joint adherence to it
  • Joint solution of problems and searching for new solutions
  • Every order is handled professionally
  • Reviewing and evaluating procedures, working methods, and agreements


  • Commitment to an inspiring work atmosphere in which enjoyment of work and motivation prevail
  • Appropriate, careful, and reliable action in everyday working life
  • Giving and accepting positive criticism
  • Sharing and passing on knowledge
  • Attentive and transparent communication

Our corporate values:

We offer excellent quality – Made in Germany.

  • Made by LINDER -­ Constant quality through „state-of-the-art“ production lines and technologies operated by highly qualified employees.
  • Integrity -­ We keep our commitments.
  • Security -­ With our long tradition and our corporate philosophy we stand for secure business.

We have a lot of experience – since 1951.

  • Long experience & know-how -­ Deep product and industry know-how since 1951.
  • Stable & reliable – We are a reliable partner for customers and employees.
  • Innovative -­ We actively take advantage of technical progress in all areas of the company and therefore ensure long-term competitiveness of the company.

We are a family-owned business.

  • For the next generations -­ Long-term thinking and action instead of short-term profit maximization.
  • Solution-oriented – Short and fast decision paths and flat hierarchies: it always counts the best argument.
  • Sustainability – Gentle handling of natural resources (energy management, production of new products from plastic waste, raw material saving through new technologies).

We live as a Team:

  • 1+1=3 – The team is stronger than the sum of individual skills.
  • Diversity & flexibility – We embrace diversity (gender, nationality, religion) and actively promote the reconciliation of family and work (part-time, home office, job sharing).
  • Support – We work hand in hand and always support each other. No one is left alone – neither employees nor customers.

General requirements for business partners of LINDER GmbH

Our suppliers and customers have the following rights and obligations:

It is the responsibility of business partners to take all relevant and necessary initiatives and measures to ensure maximum compliance with this Code of Conduct without undue delay.

It is also the responsibility of business partners to immediately provide LINDER GmbH with all relevant information and documents. This enables LINDER GmbH to evaluate the business partner’s compliance with this Code of Conduct through verbal communication, questionnaires, systematic reporting, site inspections, or other verification and control methods. The supplier shall be solely responsible for the costs of compliance with this Code of Conduct and for the provision of information and documentation.

If negligence or intentional non-compliance with this Code of Conduct leads to a direct loss of sales for LINDER GmbH, LINDER GmbH may claim damages.

LINDER GmbH may withdraw from the business relationship with immediate effect.


If our business partners use subcontractors for the production of LINDER GmbH, the supplier is responsible for ensuring that the subcontractor complies with this Code of Conduct. Upon request, the supplier will inform LINDER GmbH of which subcontractors they use.

 Fair competition

 Linder GmbH is committed to the constant observance of fair competition as a prerequisite for a social market economy. In addition, we comply with all applicable laws to protect competition. Our high demands on constant correct behaviour towards our own employees and business partners are checked and followed up on by our quality management.

Ethics and morals

Child labour: LINDER GmbH respects children’s right to development and education. We therefore do not support child labour, i.e. we do not use children as labour. This also applies to our business partners. Child labour is defined as full-time employment of children younger than 15 years of age or younger than the age at which they completed compulsory local schooling. However, the legal minimum age for full-time employment must never be violated.

Discrimination: LINDER GmbH respects cultural differences and does not wish to cooperate with business partners who practice discrimination at work on the grounds of race, religion, age, nationality, or sexual orientation. Our business partners’ employees must not be subjected to physical punishment, threats of violence, or physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment or abuse.

Forced labour: LINDER GmbH will not tolerate forced or involuntary labour. This includes prison labour, forced labour, slavery, and other forms of work carried out against the will or choice of the individual. Losses of wages resulting from fines or penalties imposed during the execution of disciplinary sanctions may not be made, unless this is in relation to a collective agreement or is permitted by law.

Work environment

LINDER GmbH supports the basic human right to good working conditions. All business partners of LINDER GmbH must ensure a good working environment that complies with national regulations and laws. The operating regulations as well as cleanliness and safety are to be respected and observed by LINDER GmbH and all employees. Furthermore, LINDER GmbH undertakes to comply with all relevant laws for the protection of our employees.


Business partners are expected to fulfil their obligations under local and national law. Business partners must therefore strive to reduce waste and emissions to air, soil and water, handle chemicals in an environmentally sound manner, handle, store and dispose of hazardous waste in an environmentally sound manner, and contribute to the recycling and reuse of materials and products.

 Data protection

 LINDER GmbH undertakes to comply with the Data Protection Act as well as to handle the data of business partners reliably and securely. We expect the same conscientious handling from all our employees and business partners, as well as constant sensitisation for the safe handling of data.

 Bribery and taking advantage

 In order to avoid conflicts of interest arising from business decisions and private interests, LINDER GmbH strictly separates the private from the business, which means that every employee is responsible and impartial in the interest of the company. This means that no private relationships with business partners are to be maintained and that it is forbidden to draw private benefits from professional contacts. The advantages of business relationships for private interests must not influence business decisions. Possible conflicts must be disclosed to superiors and resolved. In addition, bribery is not tolerated in LINDER GmbH under any circumstances.

Principles of the UN Global Compact

We also confirm the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact (see more: and integrate these in our strategy and guidelines.