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What actually is strapping?

Strapping and securing packs is referred to as strapping with a closure strap, which is called a strapping band.

Where is strapping used?

Strapping is nowadays found in nearly every industry: whether in the metal industry, building materials, timber, drinks, furniture, logistics or consumer goods: At the end of the production process and before shipping. Packages are sealed with straps, bundled goods or the packaged goods are fixed on a pallet for transport. Especially in the area of ​​load securing, the issue of strapping plays an important role, whether container shipments, airfreight shipping or rail and road freight traffic. From sensitive and sensitive materials to complete machines and heavy concrete blocks, the strapping solution can be individually tailored to the respective application.

What materials are used for strapping?

That entirely depends on the product. In most cases, steel, plastic or fabric strapping is used. The strapping is tensioned, closed and cut off by metal clamps, sleeves or welding techniques.

What strapping techniques are there?

Depending on the size of the packs, the quality of the packaged goods and the required force, a variety of tools are used: manual strapping tools, pneumatic strapping tools, battery strapping tools, and strapping machines integrated into fully automatic conveying and packaging systems.

Why does my tape rip during the strapping process?

Melting of strapping during welding shut – If the strip melts, the welding time and welding temperature must be adjusted.

Why does ripping occur during fastening?

This can be due to various reasons: with plastic strapping, it can be due to a too long welding time and /or high welding temperature. This is easy to adjust via the touch panel in the settings.

In the case of steel strapping, rips may be due to the use of a faulty seal. If you are not sure which seal fits and is suitable for your strapping, please do not hesitate to contact us.

It may also be that the punch/crimp mechanism is worn out. In that case, we recommend service or repair by our strapping specialists.