Excellent solutions for maximum safety: products for cargo securing.

LINDER is at your disposal as a reliable and competent partner for cargo securing.

Cargo securing or load securing comprises of different components which we provide all of to our customers: Lashing, suitable lashing tensioning tools, load buckles, wire hooks, non-slip mats, non-slip film, dunnage bags and container seals – we offer everything our customers require to ship their goods safely and protected to their final destination.

Our product range is mainly interesting for exporters and stevedore companies who focus on high quality load securing of goods shipped in containers.

LINDER Zurrgurte zur Ladungssicherung

Ratchet tie-downs

LINDER Stausack weiss zur Ladungssicherung

Dunnage bags

LINDER Containerplomben, Ladungssicherung

Container seals