Wind turbines, electric motors, solar panels, sailing container ships: New technologies help to conserve resources and protect the environment. Now there are also green alternatives to classic strapping. Strapping made of paper, recycled PET bottles, PP recyclate or—only from us—strapping made from biomass-balanced PP (patent pending): PP strapping made of renewable raw materials!


We at LINDER have known for a long time that the longer a raw material can be kept in the cycle, the better it is for the environment. As part of the LINDER goes GREEN initiative, a dedicated working group has been working on developing GREEN products to help our customers achieve their environmental goals.

On this page we present the products with which you can save CO2 emissions or reduce the CO2 footprint of your company.

Produced from 100% r-PET bottles.

Our PET strapping is made exclusively from recycled PET bottles.* We buy over 200 million PET bottles a year from all over the world for this purpose. Through this secondary process, i.e., without any tapping of oil reserves, we save 17,500 tonnes of C02 emissions annually. Extrapolated to LINDER's annual production, the saving corresponds to the same amount of CO2 that 1,750 hectares of forest in Germany filter out of the air every year—that is an area of approx. 2,450 football pitches or the area of the entire urban forest in Essen with over 3 million trees.

And through our LINDER Closed Industry Loop, we completely recycle our production waste and process it into new PET granulate through agglomeration. In this way, we ensure an internal cycle and save valuable resources. Sustainable. Consistent. Environmentally friendly. The LINDER PET strapping.

* Depending on the strapping specification, up to 2% additives can be added.

Plastic is becoming a serious environmental problem. In 2014, the global demand for plastic was 78,000,000 tonnes for packaging alone. The efficient recycling of plastic is becoming increasingly important. Currently, most of the material is still obtained as primary material from crude oil.


EverStrap® made of 100% PP recyclate

As part of the LINDER goes GREEN initiative, we offer all our customers who want to focus on sustainability the newly developed PP strapping made from recycled PP: EverStrap®.

For EverStrap®, industrial waste such as used airbags, big bags, straps, or films are processed and fed into the production process for the manufacture of PP strapping.

Many of our customers would like to reduce the proportion of new plastics from fossil sources within the packaging. This is a trend that will certainly increase significantly in the future. With the use of r-PP, we go one step further in terms of sustainability for our strapping.

BIO-Pure® from 100% PP biomass

As part of the LINDER goes GREEN initiative, LINDER has developed the first PP belt made from 100% biomass-balanced PP: BIO-Pure®.

For BIO-Pure®, renewable resources are used and dependence on fossil, finite resources is reduced. Many of our customers want to eliminate the use of virgin plastics from fossil sources within their packaging. By using BIO-Pure® PP strapping, you can achieve this goal in the field of strapping.

Let's take this step together!