As the most cost-effective alternative, uncoated strapping is cold-rolled and the edges are deburred, not rounded. There is no corrosion protection and the strength is in the range of about 700 N/mm² and the elongation is about 3%.

Depending on the rust protection, you can distinguish between three strapping qualities: blued, black lacquered and zinc-coated, in order of the respective corrosion protection. All quality strapping is waxed to ensure the best possible processing with steel strapping tools. Depending on the thickness of the strapping, the strength is about 850 N/mm² and the elongation is about 6-8%.

High-performance steep strapping has the highest values ​​of tensile strength and elongation – 1050 N/mm² at approx. 12-14% elongation.

The different quality classes are used depending on the requirements. In the case of hot-coil strapping, for example, blued steel strapping is sufficient. In the pipe industry, a clear trend towards PET strapping has become apparent in recent years. For example, PET is very suitable for affixing coils on the means of transport or also in the processing industry, such as cold rolling mills. Our PET strapping is very popular in the 25 mm width for particularly high tension forces, whether for use in fully automatic machines or with battery-powered strapping tools.

From the small forger, to cutting and picking operations, to large steel and rolling mills, LINDER has the right solutions and products for all needs and areas of application. And these naturally meet CTU requirements.

Hersteller von Parkett oder Laminat haben es mit fragilem Gut zu tun, welches speziell vor Beschädigung durch Eindrücken geschützt werden muss. Das Laminat oder Parkett wird meist in Paketen zu Bündeln gepackt und eingeschrumpft. Das Umreifungsband für Parkett- oder Laminatpakete zur Sicherung der Baustoffe auf der Palette muss aufgrund des hohen Gewichts der Palette über eine hohe Reißkraft verfügen. Diese ist bei PET Band vorhanden. Zudem ist speziell auf den Schutz der obersten und untersten Lage zu achten: Kantholz, eine Schutzplatte oder Kantenschutz schützen das Parkett oder Laminat vor Druckschäden, sodass PET-Band mithilfe eines Akku-Umreifungsgerätes oder innerhalb einer Förderstrecke mit vollautomatischer PET-Umreifungsanlage angebracht werden kann.

When strapping heavy, rigid goods such as bricks, stones or concrete, battery-powered strapping tools are often used, sometimes manual tools are also used. Pneumatic tools are suitable when strapping is mainly stationary or particularly high tension forces are required, e.g. when processing 25 or 32 mm PET strapping. Here we recommend our battery-powered strapping tool Survivor LST404.


The building materials industry is concerned with the packaging of mostly heavy and rigid goods with tasks such as "How does a solution for strapping concrete blocks or roof tiles work?" or "What solution do you have for securing paving blocks on a pallet? The area where the machines are used is often dusty and subject to other environmental influences.

To find the right strapping solution for the building materials industry, LINDER is the right partner, because we understand your challenge and make it ours! For particularly heavy packaged goods, for example, a rotary arm wrapper or a wrapping robot can be used. The advantage of these machines is that the pallet weight is irrelevant for the machine. The pallet stands on the floor. The wrapping robot can also be used as a mobile unit, e.g. on an open space. However, the environment must be dry.

For larger quantities and an inquiry for a strapping solution for a concrete block factory, fully automatic solutions for pallet strapping or stretching of pallets with concrete blocks are often used. We also offer excellent and well thought-out strapping solutions for fully automatic plants including conveyor technology, e.g. for terrace slabs and paving stones.


The units are palletized to transport building materials and secure the cargo in containers for export. Securing the pallets on a trailer or a semi-trailer is done with lashing straps. Here, as load securing professionals, we supply you with the appropriate lashing straps with ratchet. If concrete blocks or paving stones have sharp edges, the goods and the belt must be protected by edge protection. Jumbo edge protection for lashing straps is therefore naturally part of our delivery portfolio.

LINDER anti-slip mats are used to secure the palletised units on the trailer or semi-trailer against slipping.

To prepare building material goods for export, concrete blocks, paving stones, roof tiles or other construction goods are fixed on a pallet. This is done using PET straps from LINDER GmbH's own production and the battery strapping equipment which can be used flexibly and mobile in the container. Lashband with the appropriate tensioning device and bar fastener is used to secure the pallets in the container. In order to prevent transport damage in containers, any gaps that arise between the pallets are filled with stowage bags made of PP fabric or kraft paper.