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Anti-slipping mats

Anti-slip mats are the black gold of load securing, there is hardly any other product where you can achieve so much with so little effort. This creates the anti-slip mat by their sliding coefficient, these were certified for us by the Dekra VDI 2700. Now you ask yourself, what is the sliding coefficient? This is the friction coefficient for the friction force in relation to the contact force between two objects. Our anti-slip mats have a sliding coefficient of at least 0.6μ. They are the ideal aid for your load securing. Whether you want to secure pallets, steel, paper, etc. on your load carrier (truck, train, overseas container). Another area of application is between goods, e.g. between paper rolls or between goods and load carriers e.g. wooden frame and steel coil. From small to large dimensions, from thin to thick material thicknesses, from standard quality to heavy duty anti-slip mats, we have the right anti-slip mat for you. Talk to us and we will find the right one for your needs.

Technical Data

All technical datas:

Type: Product variants: as a pad, roll and as plates
Colour: Black
Complement your strapping system with:

The Advantages

  • Reduction of the amount of lashing material in heavy goods by a sliding friction of our anti-slip mats of at least 0.6μ
  • Ideal aid for your load securing
  • cost-efficient
  • Product variants: as a pad, roll and as plates
  • Product thicknesses: 3 - 10 mm
  • Maximum load at 8 mm: Heavy duty 630 t / m²
  • Tensile strength at 8mm: Heavy duty 6.30 N / mm²
  • Coverage weight at 8 mm: Heavy duty approx. 7.80 kg / m²
  • Cleaning: Shake, vacuum, wash off, if necessary treat with high-pressure cleaner
  • Disposal: According to waste code 070299 according to EWC, they can easily be disposed of with household waste in compliance with local regulations.

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