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Strapping machine automated

Strapping is automatic for this type of machine. This means that the strapping is automatically conveyed, tensioned, welded and cut off. Strapping is started by the operator by means of foot switch, push button or table switch.
These machines can handle PET or PP strapping from 5 to 16 mm.
Our offer consists of the following machine types:
- Narrow strap machines for 5-9 mm strap width
- Wide strap machines for 9-16 mm strap width
- Side unit machines
- High-performance machines
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Technical Data

All technical datas:

Machine coil core: 200mm, 230mm or 280mm
Tensioning force: Up to 750N - depending on the model

The Advantages

  • Cheap entry into automated strapping
  • Up to 60 strappings per minute
  • Up to 750 N clamping force
  • Low maintenance
  • Ease-of-use
  • Automatic energy saving mode
  • Open design for easy roll change
  • Automatic cross-strapping
  • Automatic strap threading
  • Automatic strap ejection at the end of a roll as well as mis-strapping
  • Electronic belt tension control
  • Working height settings
  • Cuts different strap thicknesses without changing the machine settings
  • Core diameter of the coil instead of 200 mm also available with 230 or 280 mm

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