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Steel strapping for packaging bare

More clear advantages for really secure packaging. Steel packaging strapping is used in many industries and applications - steel strapping is almost indispensable for particularly heavy, sharp-edged or hot goods. Steel strapping, also known as steel strapping or steel strapping, differs in strip thickness and width, grade, type of winding and corrosion protection. The strap width and thickness decisively determine the tensile strength of the steel strap. Depending on the area of application and area of application, another kind of steel packaging strapping is required. Blank steel strapping is the most cost-effective alternative in the steel strap sector and is largely untreated - It is rolled to the required strap thickness, cut to the respective strap width, oiled and the edges deburred. And, of course, keeps its promises: secure strapping.

Technical Data

All technical datas:

Strap width (mm): 12,7mm - 31,75mm
Strap strength (mm): 0,38mm - 1,0mm
Breaking elongation (%): 3-4%
Edge type: burred
Steel strapping breaking load: 650-750
Standard steel strapping: Bare and oiled
Steel strap winding: disc coil
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The Advantages

  • Lowest cost alternative in the steel strapping area
  • Available in various dimensions
  • Due to the rigidity, steel strapping can easily be pushed under long packages
  • Cold-rolled
  • Deburred
  • Disc coil
  • Especially suitable for round strapping

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Steel strapping for packaging bare
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