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Annealed binding wire

Annealed binding wire is usually supplied in rosettes, patent-wound rings, pugs or Bremer rings.
Binding wire is sometimes called baler wire, bale quick release or straw wire, eye wire, rod wire or hay bale wire. In general, the thicker the wire diameter, the higher the strength of the wire. Wire for balers are cut to length wires with eyelets wired on that are manually placed around compressed bales and twisted. This is used in semi-automated balers. These have the advantage that they are quickly filtered out of recycled material due to their magnetism.
Another special feature in our range are the pointed rods for displays - commonly used in the corrugated cardboard industry. These provide the necessary stability for box displays.
The lengths of eyelet wire, baler wires or straightened bars are 500 mm to 5000 mm.

Technical Data

All technical datas:

Details: oiled and non-oiled
Strap strength (mm): 1,8-3,8mm

The Advantages

  • Available in oiled or non-oiled form
  • Easy to recycle due to magnetism
  • Can be used in manual, semi-automated or automated machines

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