Woven strapping

Industries that work with sharp-edged packaged goods, such as wood, sawmills, frames, profiles, glass, stone or metal, use our woven PES strapping (WO) with cross-interwoven polyester filaments. Cracks and damage to the strap are not critical. The strapping with a textile look is very soft and can be retightened. By processing with cold glue, the strap is stiffer and ensures the highest system strength in combination with our phosphated metal clamps. And if you need maximum breaking force, use our "Red Lion Strap" with the red filament. High quality, elegant and strong as a lion. We manufacture all common tape dimensions for you at the highest level. And we customise your strapping on request for promotional purposes and as a seal function. Just ask us!

Technical Data

All technical datas:

Strap width (mm): 9,0-35,0mm
Individual printing possible
Individual coloration possible
Complement your strapping system with:

The Advantages

  • Available in all standard strap dimensions
  • Customer-specific printing is possible
  • Cross-woven polyester filaments: Particularly well suited for sharp-edged material - thus an interesting alternative to steel strapping
  • Finished with cold glue - this makes the strap stiffer and enables high system strength with phosphated metal clamps
  • With us you get everything from one source: Including accessories such as clamps or strapping tools
  • "Red Lion Strap" variant for maximum tear resistance

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Woven strapping
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