Stitching wire

Stitching wire, also known as "iron wire" or "galvanised iron wire", is a high-carbon solid iron wire used in a wide variety of industries. Stitching wire is used in particular by disposable wood packers, used for fruit and vegetable trays or in bookbinding, printing or cardboard factories. Our stitching wire is permanently adapted to the requirements of our customers, so that we can produce a wide variety of designs and surface types (bright, copper-plated, tinned, galvanised) customised for each customer, even stainless steel is possible. On request, we can also produce nylon-coated, coloured wires for you. Another tip: The surface is crucial for the rust resistance of the wire. Bare stitching wires rust very quickly and are mostly used for loss packaging such as fruit and vegetable trays and chip baskets. Better protection is provided by reddish-bright (copper-plated) wires, followed by galvanised wires. Tinned stitching wire is used by our customers in the production of coated paper stapling products. This tinned surface prevents dark banding in the area of the staple.

Technical Data

All technical datas:

Details: Round wire, Flat wire
Strap strength (mm): Round wire: 0,35-1,6mm; Flat wire: 0,7-1,5mm x 0,3-1,1mm
Treatment: bare, coppered, tinned or galvanized

The Advantages

  • Various designs and surface types possible
  • Round wire or flatwire are available
  • Diverse fields of application and industries

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