Composite strapping

Best protection for large, bulky and heavy cargo with sharp edges and / or rough surfaces: Our high-quality composite strap - produced for you on one of the most modern composite systems in the world - made in Germany. The polyester filaments are additionally encased with a plastic layer and thus optimally protect against sharp edges and weathering. The strap is very stiff and can be pushed very easily and quickly under the pallet, and we customise your strapping on request for promotional purposes and as a seal function. Just ask us!

Technical Data

All technical datas:

Strap width (mm): 13-32mm
Individual printing possible
Individual coloration possible
Complement your strapping system with:

The Advantages

  • Available in all standard strap dimensions
  • On request, coloured or printed composite tape are also available
  • Efficient, resource-efficient production on one of the most modern composite systems worldwide! - Consistently high quality - Made in Germany
  • Joint efficiency of the composite straps of 66% - an above-average performance
  • Automated winding: Laminated rolls are much easier to handle and further process
  • Optimal protection against sharp edges and weathering
  • Can be retightened at any time
  • Easy to use - High rigidity allows fast feed-through under the pallet
  • Use in warmer and hot environments is also possible
  • No additional edge protection necessary for the packaged goods

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Composite strapping
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