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Phosphated metal clamps

Our high-quality phosphated metal clamps have a roughened surface to better adhere to the woven strapping. The surface of a woven strapping is much smoother than HotMelt or composite strapping. Therefore, phosphated metal clamps are always used together with woven strapping. A use with disposable lashing straps is common, but then in a reinforced version. The phosphated metal clamps can be ordered from us for all strap dimensions: from 9 to 40 mm. And as a system supplier and manufacturer, we can supply you with the right strapping directly. This ensures that the band and clamp form a perfect unit and maximise system strength. For maximum security. Feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to advise you!

Technical Data

All technical datas:

Strap width (mm): 9-40mm
Treatment: phosphated
Complement your strapping system with:

The Advantages

  • High quality metal clamps
  • Perfect for woven strapping
  • For maximum system strength
  • Everything from one source: strapping and matching metal clamps for maximum system strength
  • Available for all strap dimensions

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