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Polyester filament structure strapping “HotMelt”

Our glued polyester filament structure "Hot Melt" strapping - ideal for strapping packaged goods with volume loss such as in the wood industry or even on sensitive surfaces. The "Hot Melt" strapping (WG strap) can be retightened, soft and flexible and is characterised by very high tear resistance and high elasticity. Best quality - produced by us for you. Due to the hot-melt adhesive, this strapping feels like it is waxed and offers optimal hold. For sharp-edged packages it is better to choose our woven "WO-strapping".

Technical Data

All technical datas:

Strap width (mm): 7,0-38,0mm
Individual printing possible
Individual coloration possible
Complement your strapping system with:

The Advantages

  • Soft and flexible, ideally suited for all-round strapping
  • No damage and soiling of the packaged goods and cardboard (soft material, without sharp edges)
  • Can be re-tensioned at any time - e.g. for packaged goods with volume loss
  • Strong hold due to sticky surface
  • High system strength, high elasticity and high memory effect - ideal for transport safety
  • Economical and practical to handle - The strapping can be knotted e.g. for in-house applications
  • Processing with manual and pneumatic devices
  • No additional edge protection required
  • Efficient, resource-saving production in consistently high quality
  • Customer-specific printing is possible

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Polyester filament structure strapping “HotMelt”
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