Stretch wrapper

Semi- and fully automatic versions of arm and turntable wrappers.
With our stretch wrappers, we ensure that every area of the transport packaging is covered by strapping, gluing and stretching. There are three basic types of machines: The most popular stretch wrapper is the so-called turntable wrapper, in which the packaged goods rotate and are stretch wrapped. If the packaged goods cannot be rotated due to instabilities, or if the weight is too low or too high, arm wrappers are used in which the packaged goods stop and an arm rotates around the packaged goods. The third type of machine is the wrapping robot, which moves either automatically or operator-guided around the package. This is an inexpensive alternative to the arm wrapper, if high performance is not required. Furthermore, a wrapping robot is used when the dimensions of the packaged goods are too large for a standard stretch wrapper.

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Technical Data

All technical datas:

The Advantages

  • Designed for standard package dimensions 1,200x800x2,200 mm (LxWxH)
  • Maximum package dimensions 1,450x1.450x3,000 mm (LxWxH)
  • Standard package weight 1,200 kg
  • 3/8 pre-installed wrapping programs depending on the model
  • Capacity of 20 - 80 pallets per hour depending on the model
  • Mechanical brake for foil carriages
  • Equipped with forklift
  • Touch panel as HMI
  • Up to 360,000 freely programmable wrapping programs
  • Electromechanical brake for foil carriages
  • Various pre-stretch systems available
  • Equipped with pallet truck via ramp
  • Floor inlet ring for loading at ground level

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