Reliable machines for maximum efficiency: LINDER strapping machines

No matter which packaging projects you have: Whether you want to strap or wrap your products, or if you need semi-automatic or automatic solutions, LINDER is your partner. We deliver tailor-made solutions, whether they are built-in or converted, new plants or complete packaging lines.

In doing so, you will always receive our LINDER all-round care package

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LINDER – your one stop shop – everything from one source – Made in Germany.

  • Semi-automated strapping machine
  • Strapping machine automated
  • Case erectors and case sealers
  • Conveyor technology
  • Stretch wrapper
  • Packing accessories
Semi-automatic strapping machines

Semi-automatic machines always require a user who actively supports the machine in the packaging process and carries out actions himself, for example, the user would manually guide the strapping band over the package and insert it into the machine's sealing unit. With a wrapping robot, the user would manually push the device around the pallet and only the film carriage would move up and down automatically. Semi-automatic machines are the first step towards automation. For a telephone consultation we are always at your disposal.

The automatic machines are characterised by the running of a fixed defined programme in the machine after pressing the start button of the machine. The automatic machines still require a user to place the packages/pallets manually and trigger the start process on the machine. In the case of the strapping machines this means, for example, that the user places the packaged goods under the machine frame and triggers the strapping process by means of a hand button, foot switch or table ball. The machine then automatically runs through its necessary work sequences in order to perform strapping correctly. An automatic stretch winder would also run through the standard programme, whereby here mostly programmes or parameters can be flexibly set by the user. With automatic strapping machines it is usually not possible to select different programmes.

[Translate to Englisch:] Automatische Umreifungsmaschinen

Carton sealers are not closed with strapping tape, but with adhesive tape. The sealers are also available in different versions with regard to automation. For packages that are always the same size, a sealer with manual format adjustment can be used. Here the user sets the machine to the required size once using a hand crank. For changing carton formats, a sealer with automatic (pneumatic) format adjustment is recommended. 

Plan the route individually according to your spatial conditions. We offer you scissor conveyors as independent, flexible conveyor lines, small roller conveyors for light goods with short contact areas, light roller conveyors for goods between 20-25kg and also heavy duty roller conveyors with steel support rollers. A system consisting of conveyor technology and strapping machine or strapping plant is planned by our competent employees and implemented according to your ideas.

Stretch wrapping machines

The stretch wrappers are divided into three categories: The arm wrappers are stretch wrappers where the packaged goods are not turned but the wrapping machine moves around the package with a so-called "arm". This is recommended for unstable and particularly light or heavy packages. The turntable winder is the standard version of a stretch winder. Here the packaged goods are placed on a rotating plate which turns the packaged goods and thus wraps the film around the packaged goods. This is basically cheaper than an arm wrapper - but requires a "rotating" packaged good with regard to stability and weight. 
Depending on the model there are numerous additional options which can be ordered on customer request. Please contact us for advice by telephone.

If the workstations are optimally integrated into the flow of goods and the upstream and downstream processes are included, it is possible to reduce throughput times and increase picking and packing performance. Stable and ergonomic solutions, which include all essential functions, can be offered at attractive conditions with the help of partners.

As a manufacturer of strapping tapes, we would also like to offer you a comprehensive range of machines. Profit from our many years of experience and let our competent team advise you in your search for the right machine.

Our produced straps are tested on the machines in close cooperation with our quality assurance and by our service team from the workshop. Thus we have the possibility to deliver you a perfect and efficient machine with suitable high-quality consumables.
After the sale is before shipping

At the end of each production process or even the sale of goods, the goods must be reliably and securely packed for shipping. If possible, this should be done functionally and efficiently. You can achieve this goal by choosing the right machine. Our portfolio includes:

  • Strapping machines
  • Semi-automatic
  • Automatically
  •  Fully automatic for integration into existing systems
  • Stretch winder
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Case erector
  • Carton sealer
  • Banding machines
  •  Conveying technology
  •     Smooth running roller conveyors
  •     Heavy duty roller conveyors
  •     Scissor roller conveyors

Depending on your needs, LINDER can therefore provide you with the machine that will secure your goods reliably and quickly for transport.
Not possible, not available

If one of the standard packaging machines is not sufficient, we will also plan together with you an entire fully automated packaging line that is completely tailored to your needs. How does something like this work?

  • Simply contact our colleagues from machine sales or field service
  • Here is a telephone recording of your requirements
  • Making an appointment for an on-site recording - this is of course free of charge
  • Creation of the layout and the offer
  • Transmission of the offer including the technical layout
  • Possible clarification of open questions
  • When you place an order, we will of course keep you informed about the current status of the production process
  • Installation, commissioning and training of your employees on the system
  • Service & maintenance according to agreed intervals

For industrial plants everything is manufactured according to your individual needs. Should it only be a fully automatic strapping machine or should a stretch winder also be integrated? In principle everything is possible, please contact us.

Together with you we will find the right solution to optimize your shipping department.
Inspiration by the new

Are you interested in LINDER machines, but have reservations because you are already using machines from other manufacturers? No problem for us, because here you benefit three times over:

    Our machines can be easily and reliably integrated into your inventory
    Our in-house service workshop can maintain and, if necessary, repair machines regardless of manufacturer
    Our technical field service is always there for you - we minimize downtimes or, in the best case, even prevent them from occurring in the first place

Let our machines inspire you and convince yourself of their high performance.

With our unique competence in the production of plastic strapping and the appropriate machines, we are your reliable and service-oriented solution partner in the field of final packaging.

LINDER - your one-stop store - everything from one source - Made in Germany.


  • Fördertechnik
  • Leichtlaufrollenbahnen
  • Schwerlastrollenbahnen
  • Scherenrollenbahnen

Abhängig von Ihrem Bedarf finden Sie somit bei LINDER die Maschine, die Ihre Waren zuverlässig und schnell für den Transport sichern.

Geht nicht, gibt’s nicht

Wenn eine der Standard-Verpackungsmaschine nicht ausreicht, planen wir gemeinsam mit Ihnen auch eine ganze vollautomatisierte Verpackungslinie, die komplett auf Ihre Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten wird. Wie läuft so etwas ab?

  • Sprechen Sie einfach unsere Kollegen vom Maschinenvertrieb oder im Außendienst an
  • Hier erfolgt eine telefonische Aufnahme Ihrer Anforderungen
  • Terminvereinbarung für eine vor Ort-Aufnahme – dies ist selbstverständlich kostenlos
  • Erstellung des Layouts und des Angebotes
  • Übermittlung des Angebotes inkl. des technischen Layouts
  • Eventuelle Klärung offener Fragen
  • Bei Auftragserteilung halten wir Sie selbstverständlich stets über den aktuellen Stand des Fertigungsprozesses auf dem Laufenden
  • Aufbau, Inbetriebnahme und Schulung Ihrer Mitarbeiter an der Anlage
  • Service & Wartung gemäß abgesprochenen Intervallen

Bei den Industrieanlagen wird alles nach Ihrem individuellen Bedarf gefertigt. Soll es nur eine vollautomatische Umreifungsanlage sein oder soll eventuell auch ein Stretchwickler integriert werden? Im Prinzip ist alles möglich, sprechen Sie uns gerne an.

Gemeinsam mit Ihnen werden wir die richtige Lösung zur Optimierung Ihrer Versandabteilung finden.

Inspiration durch die Neue

Sie haben Interesse an den LINDER Maschinen, haben jedoch Bedenken, da Sie bereits Maschinen anderer Hersteller im Einsatz haben? Für uns kein Problem, denn hier profitieren Sie gleich dreifach:

  • Unsere Maschinen lassen sich problemlos und zuverlässig in Ihren Bestand integrieren
  • Unsere hauseigene Service-Werkstatt kann herstellerunabhängig Maschinen warten und ggf. reparieren
  • Unser technischer Außendienst ist immer für Sie da – wir minimieren Ausfallzeiten oder lassen im besten Fall erst gar keine entstehen

Lassen Sie sich von unseren Maschinen inspirieren und überzeugen sich von der Leistungsstärke.

Mit unserer einzigartigen Kompetenz in der Herstellung von Kunststoffumreifungsbändern und den passenden Maschinen sind wir Ihr verlässlicher und servicestarker Lösungspartner im Bereich der Endverpackung.

LINDER – Ihr One-stop shop – alles aus einer Hand – Made in Germany.