With the help of manual strapping tools the strap is tensioned by hand. Depending on the type of strap, the strapping is closed with a metal clamp, a bar seal or a sleeve. The combination strapping tools such as the MUL 350 13/16 or the PPCOM 13/16 are a special feature: the tensioning and sealing functions are integrated in one tool. In general, manual strapping tools are the most cost-effective variant. An acquisition is economically worthwhile if the strapping cycles are very long and only little strapping is required.  You will also find suitable strapping tools for other requirements such as pneumatic strapping tools or battery strapping tools.

Manual strapping devices MUL350 for 13-16mm
Manual clamping device PP1019
Closure pliers PP13Z and PP16Z
Manual combi strapping devices PPCOM 1316
Manual clamping device WG1925