When using composite tape, polyester thread structure tape, woven tape or even lashing tape, the use of a manual strapping tool is recommended. The strapping band is tensioned by hand and, depending on the type of band, is closed either with a metal clamp or a bar seal. Most of the tools have a tensioning and cutting function and are best suited for flat strapping or partly also for round strapping. The strap widths that can be processed range from 10mm up to 50mm. With manual tools you are extremely mobile and flexible. In addition, there is the possibility of re-tensioning the strap, which is a very interesting option, especially in the timber industry, where the volume of the material can often change. Last but not least, manual strapping tools have a clear price advantage compared to battery strapping tools or pneumatics.

Manual strapping device MUL 375
Manual strapping device MUL 395
Manual clamping device PP1019
Manual clamping device WG1925