LINDER strapping tools and accessories: More power and perfect handling

In addition to our high quality straps, we also offer you the exact strapping tools to match. Your advantage: You benefit from our decades of experience and competence in the field as a manufacturer of strapping tools. During the strapping process, the load is strapped and sealed with the straps, so that it can be transported safely.

We make sure that the selected strapping tool is perfectly adapted to your strapping and your purposes.

Whether manual, battery or pneumatic strapping tools:
With all our tools you work powerfully, reliably and comfortably. We have suitable tools in our portfolio for all strapping strap types such as textile strap, PET and PP strapping or packaging steel strap. Naturally adapted to your individual requirements and areas of application.

Manual tensioners for extruded PP or PET strapping.

Manual strapping tools for plastic strapping (PP and PET)
Manual strapping tools for textile strap

Manual tensioners for textile strapping, white strapping, bundle strapping.

If high, constant clamping forces are required - for example, when shipping very heavy goods in containers - a pneumatic, stationary solution is most appropriate. Here very high clamping forces up to 7500N are achieved. Tape of up to 50mm width can be processed.

Pneumatic strapping tools for plastic strapping (PP and PET)
Pneumatic strapping tools for textile strapping

Pneumatically operated strapping tools for pallet strapping with packaging steel strapping. Particularly suitable for all-round strapping, for consistently high tensioning forces, for which only a compressed air connection is required.

Pneumatic strapping tools for steel strapping
Manual strapping tools for plastic strapping (PP and PET)

Battery-powered strapping tools, bundling tools, strapping tools.

Battery-powered strapping tools for textile strapping were developed with the vision of launching a battery-powered strapping solution for both composite and woven strapping in a width range from 19 mm to 32 mm.

Battery-powered strapping tools for textile strapping

The safe removal of steel strapping is a matter that cannot receive enough attention. For the safety of the employees! The use of steel band scissors can be a measure to protect against serious injuries to extremities or even the face.

Manual strapping tools for pallet strapping with steel strapping

Manual strapping tools for steel strapping

For more flexibility - especially in multi-shift operation - it can be useful to have a second battery and, if necessary, an additional charger available. Of course also as replacement for a defective battery for a battery strapping tool.

This question is difficult to answer in general, as several factors play a role. On the one hand, it depends on the straps you use - on the other hand, your strapping cycle plays a role, i.e. how often strapping is done and at what intervals. For textile strapping, for example, you need different tools than for strapping PET, PP or steel packaging strapping.

The nature of the goods to be strapped and the tension force to be achieved also play a role. For heavy applications such as strapping stone, steel or concrete, different tools are used than for delicate and sensitive goods. Last but not least, it is also decisive whether the strapping always takes place at the same place (stationary) or whether the strapping is to be done independent of the location (mobile).

If you would like to purchase a strapping tool, our experts will be happy to advise you on the selection of the appropriate variant. In the following you will find useful tips from the strapping professionals as well as an overview of the different strapping tools and possibilities.

Manual strapping tools

Manual strapping tools are the most cost-effective option: From an economic point of view, it is always a good idea to purchase them when only few strapping operations are planned. They are used without battery power supply and are suitable for PP, PET and steel strapping. The strap is tightened manually by means of a lever on the device and then closed with a steel sealing sleeve.

They offer you the following advantages:

  • Easy and safe handling
  • Can be used for all belt types: plastic strap, textile strap or steel strap
  • Mobile and flexible in use
  • Suitable for all bandwidths
  • Easy re-tensioning of textile tapes possible

Battery strapping tools

The use of the battery-powered models is the easiest and most comfortable way to process strapping. For multi-shift operations, where strapping is carried out almost around the clock, there are suitable devices designed exactly for this purpose. You no longer have to worry about maintenance, repair and spare parts supply: The strapping professionals in our in-house, manufacturer-independent workshop take care of it reliably.

Battery-powered strapping tools are equipped with lithium-ion batteries which, together with the powerful motors, ensure smooth operation. They are best suited for strapping with plastic straps: In this case, the teeth of the tensioning roller engage in the strapping band and thus create tension. Afterwards, the straps are sealed by the battery-powered device, using a so-called friction seal.

The advantages:

  • Extremely comfortable and easy handling
  • For heavy as well as for light applications there are suitable devices
  • Optimal ergonomics of the devices
  • Semiautomatic or fully automatic function possible
  • Suitable for multi-shift operation
  • Powerful and mobile working

Pneumatic devices

Pneumatic devices are suitable in connection with steel, PET, PP or even textile strapping when extremely high and constant tension forces are required. These devices work with compressed air and are mainly used when stationary strapping is required. This solution is especially suitable for polyester, polypropylene or steel strapping.

Top of the range devices can apply tension forces up to 15.000 N. This is an enormous advantage especially for wider PET straps of 25 mm or 32 mm. Even smaller strap widths can be processed with pneumatics without any problems. A further advantage: Possible waiting times due to battery charging times are eliminated - continuous operation is thus ensured.

The advantages:

  • Consistently high clamping force
  • Perfectly suited for stationary applications
  • Permanent use possible - No waiting times due to charging times of rechargeable batteries
  • Here you will find pneumatic strapping tools for plastic straps, for textile straps and for packaging steel straps

Strapping tool



1) Manuell 
  • PP
  • PET
  • Composite strapping, polyester filament structure strapping, woven strapping
  • Lashing
  • Packaging steel strap
2) Akku 
  • PP
  • PET
3) Pneumatic 
  • PP
  • PET
  • Textile strapping
  • Packaging steel strapping


We offer a full service for all devices, whether manual, battery or pneumatic, because the strapping professionals in our in-house workshop take care of all repairs and maintenance - completely independent of the manufacturer. Should this take longer - no problem: For the duration of the downtime you will receive a rental device from us so that your business can continue to run in the usual routine.

You can also rely on our spare parts service. We usually have the most common spare parts of all well-known strapping accessory manufacturers in stock. And if we do not have a part in stock, our competent strapping technicians will take care of it quickly and safely.

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