Coloured and/or printed strapping

Coloured and/or printed strapping bands are THE individual identification for your packaged goods, because strapping bands not only hold your packaged goods, but also offer a wide range of options for individualising your product and making it stand out from other packaged goods.

Have your strapping printed with your logo, company slogan or website address.

LINDER offers you numerous possibilities to individualise your strapping, and this even regardless of the type of strapping material: We can print PP, PET, HotMelt, woven, composite strapping or even lashing strap according to your individual specifications.

Besides the marketing effect, the printing has a sealing function that protects your packed goods from tampering. You present your product without the need for a complex and expensive cardboard box print and at the same time increase the recognisability of your goods. The advantages of printed strapping at a glance:

  • Visually striking packaged goods
  • Advertising effect
  • Sealing of the goods and protection against manipulation
  • Cost saving compared to printed cardboard boxes

We will print your strapping - black or even coloured!

Would you like to mark your pallets even more clearly? Or do you want to increase your brand reach and leave a more professional impression on your customers? LINDER’s customized and labeled packaging is the right solution.

LINDER now offers colored strapping – making your pallets stand out!

  • All dimensions
  • All surfaces (smooth, embossed)
  • Quality for fully automatic machines (HQ), battery-operated or hand-operated (GreenWave) strapping tools.

Ensure a perfect appearance that makes an immediate impression!