The professional securing of your load is of great importance: In the logistics sector, strapping is used to optimally secure heavy and bulky loads. At Linder you will find a large selection of PET strapping in various designs.

PET strapping is made of polyester and can easily compete with steel in terms of strength. It withstands very high breaking loads and is extremely tear-resistant. Unlike steel strapping, it is easier to work with and does not rust, which means that it defies all weather conditions and leaves no marks on your goods. During the strapping process, straps are placed around the goods and tightened with the help of a strapping tool or strapping machine.

Versatile and safe

Polyester strapping is used in many different ways: It is suitable for sealing pallet containers and cardboard boxes - even stacked pallet loads can be strapped safely. Even products that are difficult to store are optimally secured with our PET strapping. This makes them easier to store and transport. The choice of the appropriate strapping depends on various factors such as weight, shape and hardness of the package, as well as on the planned type of transport and the transport route.

Advantages of PET strapping

PET strapping offers you numerous advantages: it is easy and safe to handle and minimizes the risk of injury for your employees considerably, as it has no sharp edges. In addition, it can be disposed of easily and without complications via the yellow recycling garbage can. You do not need a sleeve for the closure, which makes the work process even easier. If you strap shrinking goods, such as wood, you also benefit from the positive material properties of polyester: it has a back-stretching effect, which means that the load remains perfectly secured. The stainless and corrosion-resistant nature of polyester also means that there is no risk of unsightly discoloration of your goods. Furthermore, it is temperature and heat resistant, which makes it particularly versatile. The material also offers a so-called shock reserve: this is of benefit to you in the event of a sudden emergency braking of the truck, because this way the belt does not tear despite sudden load changes. PET strapping is also more cost-effective than steel strapping.

PET strapping Green Wave
PET strapping HQ waffled
PET strapping HQ smooth
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1. Green Wave PET strapping

This version of our embossed strapping convinces by low material usage and lower weight per roll. Green Wave is only intended for manual and battery-powered strapping tools usage.

2. HQ-Premium PET strapping

This PET-strapping is manufactured waxless and thus stands for sustainable environmental awareness and can be safely used with handheld and fully automatic machines.

3. Smooth PET strapping

No embossing is required, so the tape has a higher grammage and thus greater strength and rigidity. Optimally suited for use in fully automatic machines.

The ratio of strapping to the respective package must be correct, because only in this way can transport safety be guaranteed. And also only if this dimensioning is correct, the strapping tool used can work properly. If the strap is oversized, however, the strapping tool cannot apply the required tension.

Different types of loads act on packages, so that the shape and volume of the packages may still change after strapping. Therefore, strapping must be elastic enough to withstand these stretching processes. Various external influences act on the goods, such as UV radiation, strong fluctuations of heat and cold. For example, wood can shrink due to severe dryness and moisture causes materials to expand. Dynamic loads caused by moving and shaking of the goods also lead to changes in the package.

When selecting the appropriate PET-strapping you should pay attention to different quality characteristics: Elasticity is particularly important to ensure that the strap tension is maintained throughout the entire transport route. PET strapping is particularly elastic compared to steel strapping. Another aspect is the ability to split and splice, which means that the straps do not tear during processing. You should also pay attention to the breaking load, i.e. how tear-resistant the strap is in relation to its dimensions. A good gliding ability of the PET-strapping is achieved by rubbing it with wax, which allows the packaged goods to be wrapped without friction.