With textile straps made of polyester threads, we achieve the highest strength values during strapping with a low risk of injury for the user. In the area of white strapping (unlike all other strapping), there is the possibility of re-tensioning when the packaged goods change in volume - a big plus point for this solution.

Textile straps are available in different designs. Starting with the glued polyester thread structure strap, which is also produced as baler strap, through woven strapping strap (also double-layered and extra wide as lashing strap) to composite strap, the portfolio is wide. For processing textile strapping tape we usually need metal clamps and a tensioning device with cutting device. The tensioning device is also available as a battery-operated version, but the threading of the strap into the metal clamp must still be done manually.

Textile straps are predestined for individual imprints. The printed strapping can have either a slogan or a logo - or both printed on it.

Find out on this page about the different types of strapping that LINDER produces for you and feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

 Polyester filament structure strapping “HotMelt”