Horizontal portfolio

Horizontal strapping is used to prevent goods from falling down when loading or unloading pallets and to secure individual parts to form a secure load unit. Strapping ensures high stability of the load.


Applications  Horizontal strapping of different packages, examples for horizontal strapping applications:

  • Stone packages
  • Block packages
  • Bricks
  • Boxes
  • Cans
  • Bottles
  • Food containers/stores
  • Boxes

The fully automatic strapping machine LINDER H is designed for horizontal strapping of pallets. Technologically mature, versatile and safe! With the development of this strapping machine an integration into an automated production line becomes possible, where the greatest benefit of a fully automatic strapping solution can be achieved. We also offer a range of accessories that allow the model to be optimally adapted to the production environment.

The pallet is put down and recognized by the strapping machine. When the load arrives at the position, the pallet strapping machine starts the strapping process.
The strap frame with the strapping unit lowers to the strapping position. The strapping is automatically guided through the strap channel and the laterally mounted strapping head moves to the pallet. Here the seal is formed.
To apply further strapping, the strap frame moves to the preset strapping positions, which can be preset for different pallets using different programs.This way a reduction of the packing time of up to 70% is achieved compared to manual methods. The strapping machine remains operational until the next load arrives. The LINDER H offers highest reliability.

The LINDER MH is our mobile, ridable horizontal pallet strapping machine for pallet loads of different sizes and different heights.


The pallets are positioned on defined pallet locations and automatically recognized by the strapping machine. The strapping machine then moves to the load on rails via an automatic control to strap the load. This enables an increase in productivity, whereby roller conveyors can be omitted. The strap frame with the strapping unit lowers to the strapping position. The strapping  is automatically guided through the strap channel and the laterally mounted strapping head moves to the pallet. Here the seal is formed. To apply further strapping, the strap frame moves to the preset strapping positions, which can be preset for different pallets by means of different programs. In this way a reduction of the packing time of up to 70% in comparison to manual methods is achieved. The strapping machine remains ready for operation until the next load arrives and automatically moves to the next position where a pallet is placed to be strapped. offers highest reliability.

Intelligent. Intuitive. Safe. Sustainable.

A strapping line that combines advanced technology and maximum adaptability. Launched in 2021, the e-strapping machine does not use alternative or polluting energies (pneumatic, hydraulic, diesel...).

It also allows the use of lighter strapping, reducing plastic consumption by 30%.

Other advantages:

Self-adjustable floating strapping head to strap the load.

The head approaches the load and is positioned exactly in the middle to apply pressure with the strapping and ensure that the load does not collapse.

Revolutionary frame system

The dynamic frame, an element through which the strap is guided around the load, adapts to the dimensions of the load. The frame does not open and close between strappings, reducing the strapping cycle by 40%.

Optical warning system around the entire machine

Informs the user intuitively and silently of the status of each operation, ensuring greater efficiency in terms of safety, operation, and productivity.

Human-machine interface

The touch screen simplifies the user's tasks by visually providing information on productivity and machine status.

Vertikal portfolio

Compact bundling prevents the goods from slipping.

Applications Vertical strapping of different packages, for example:

  • Stone packages
  • Block packages
  • Brick
  • Wooden parcels
  • Building material
  • Boxes
  • Beverage cans
  • Bottles
  • Food containers/stores
  • Boxes

For vertical strapping of pallet loads. Vertical strapping prevents slippage during transport and storage.
A complete strapping system can be installed in combination with the LINDER H. The result is complete strapping of the load, both horizontally and vertically for maximum load security.
The package is conveyed by the conveyor system into the area of the strapping machine. The lance mounted below (or alternatively designed as a fixed channel) closes the strap guide around the package. The strapping is guided through the channel and the strapping unit mounted at the top moves to the package to form the seal. To apply further strapping, the bundle is repositioned by the conveyor system (stationary version) or the strapping machine itself moves to the next strapping position (movable version). The application of edge protection during the strapping process is possible as well as the application of cover sheets. Squared timbers can also be fed from a magazine. A pressing device can be integrated.



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Excellence in Strapping - since 1951

LINDER GmbH was founded in 1951 and offers a complete range of products for securing goods in transit so that they arrive at their destination in optimal condition. All types of plastic straps are manufactured at a total of three locations worldwide using state-of-the-art production facilities. The portfolio includes straps, equipment, service and accessories. Together with strong partners and our industry expertise, we offer complete, fully automatic strapping solutions. With BREUER Industrieservice as a 100% subsidiary, the portfolio is completed. We offer our customers repair services, service calls, spare parts supply, training and emergency service for strapping systems and heads (aggregates).


LINDER strapping machines process plastic bundles of straps. Depending on the product or pallet type, PP strapping or PET strapping can be used. PP strapping is suitable for securing light to medium-heavy goods on a pallet. Due to its high elongation properties, it adapts flexibly to the shape of the package without damaging it. For medium-heavy and heavy goods, we recommend our environmentally friendly PET strapping strap, which is made from recycled PET bottles. With PET strapping, high tension is achieved due to its low elongation. Heavy loads can no longer slip. The PET strapping is used in all industries.


  • Own production of extruded and textile strapping bands at the Buchholz site
  • Quality assurance in our own test laboratory
  • ISO-certified quality management
  • In-house workshop with experienced strapping technicians
  • Customized product packaging
  • Individual printing of tapes
Competence Made in Germany
  • Best consulting quality through over 60 years of accumulated know-how as a dealer
  • We create all strapping strap types plus accessories from one source
  • Highest availability of goods on c.a. 17.000 m2 central storage area