To secure the load you need the appropriate strapping. In order to have it always ready to hand, a roll-off trolley is best suited. Here it is important to note which type is needed for which type of strap. For example, the diameter of the cardboard core of the strapping band must match the dispenser of the trolley.

Unwind carts are traditionally used for storage work and are available from Linder Strapping in various designs. You will find models for PP strapping, for PET strapping and packaging steel strapping in pack or disc winding. Also for textile strapping such as polyester thread structure strap and composite strap.

How to find the right dispenser quickly and easily

Based on the strap type you are using, select the appropriate strapping strap dispenser. You will quickly find out the core diameter of your particular strapping band and from this it is a piece of cake to find the right dispenser for plastic or steel strapping.

If you want to secure parcels, pallets and other shipping goods, there is no way around strapping: the mobile dispensers are especially suitable for those with a core diameter between 200 and 406 mm.

Strapping is a particularly effective way of securing loads and only develops its full potential in combination with accessories, such as the matching dispenser and other tools such as cutter knives. The dispensers also differ in their load limits. They allow easy maneuvering of strapping without damaging your back.

Trolley for plastic strapping

The two types of plastic strapping PET and PP differ in their material properties and thus in the requirements on the unwinding carriage. PET-tape is significantly heavier than PP-tape and therefore requires a more massive dispenser. Our devices are equipped with strap brakes and a practical storage box for carrying other required tools. The robust rubber rollers are easy to manoeuvre even on bumpy ground. With plastic straps you can secure both light and heavier shipping goods.

Allround dispenser

Strapping tapes on large rolls are best transported on combination unwinding trolleys. These score points with their particularly solid workmanship, making them suitable for both plastic and steel strapping. The strap brake prevents the strap from slipping off during unwinding, thus increasing safety.

Steel strip reels

For heavy or sharp-edged shipments, you need packaging steel strapping because it offers strength and durability. In addition, it is weather resistant and will not be affected by long storage. The use of a dispenser for steel strapping makes your work much easier. With the help of the stable construction, the steel strapping can be easily unrolled. In the corresponding container you can store utensils such as steel scissors. This dispenser also convinces with its solid construction. The unwinding device is mounted parallel to the direction of travel, which makes it easier to handle.

Unwinding carriage for textile strapping and composite strap

Textile strapping made of polyester thread structure tape as well as woven tape is easiest to transport with the matching dispenser. This is characterized by the fact that it is available with or without side windows and has storage space for accessories. We also offer you the suitable dispenser for composite tape: it should have a diameter of 200 mm.

Fields of application of roll-off trolleys

The special trolleys are used in warehouses, workshops, logistics operations and packaging companies. They are also indispensable in the mail order business or in forwarding agencies, as they ensure that loads and packages can be secured and packed more easily. They are characterized by their handiness and are particularly easy to maneuver thanks to the practical castors. With roll-off trolleys it is possible to secure individual packages as well as entire pallets. As your renowned strapping tape and strapping tool manufacturer, we offer you strapping machines in addition to the large selection of straps.

Trolley for plastic strapping (PET, PP)
Trolley for polyester textile tape
Strap dispensing carts for steel strapping