Concentrated power for maximum safety: LINDER strapping. Directly from the strapping manufacturer

As a competent one-stop strapping shop and premium manufacturer, we offer you all types of plastic strapping: Whether PET strapping, PP strapping, polyester textile strapping, composite strapping or woven strap: we will find the perfect strapping solution for you. Naturally with the appropriate accessories such as dispensers, edge protection or sealing sleeves or locks. For maximum system strength.

And as a manufacturer, we can react individually to all requirements. Although many industries are gradually switching from steel to plastic strapping, in some sectors and for special goods the use of packaging steel strapping is still indispensable. Of course, we also supply steel strapping in all steel strapping qualities - from blank strapping to zinc dust-coated high-performance steel strapping. Our competent strapping experts will be pleased to advise you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

For medium and heavy goods we recommend our environmentally friendly PET strapping, which is made from recycled PET bottles. With PET strapping a high tension is achieved because it has a low stretch. Heavy loads can no longer slip. PET strapping is used in all industries. LINDER GreenWave strapping is THE strap of choice for all applications, including use with battery strapping tools. Linder PREMIUM PET strapping has all the features that are important when used in framing equipment. The core diameter is 406mm.

PP strapping is suitable for securing light to medium weight goods on a pallet. Due to its high elongation properties, it adapts flexibly to the shape of the package without damaging it. PP strapping is available on many different core diameters, as it is used from manual application from dispensers with PP manual tensioners and cores or buckles for PP strap to automatic strapping machines. Each automatic machine manufacturer uses its own strap take-up, which is why there is such a wide variety of diameters. 

Among the textile ribbons, the ribbon with the most names. From "HotMelt" to "Thread Structure Tape", "Glued Polyester Tape" and "Weather Guard" - in this version the polyester threads are joined together using hotmelt. Polyester tape enables similar tear strength values as packaging steel tape. The thread structure tape is also similar to steel tape in terms of elongation. But it has even more advantages: It is much cheaper and it does not rust. Apart from the fact that with glued polyester tape, both the tape and the tensioning devices are much cheaper than with steel tape and the tape does not rust naturally, it also offers the unique advantage that you can re-tension at any time! The core diameter is 76mm.
Also available is PP polypropylene strap in a dispenser box for easy, mobile use with plastic buckles.

The textile tape especially for balers for paper, cardboard, cartons etc. is a thread structure tape which is wound on a special core with 60mm diameter and has less running length to guarantee a trouble-free operation in the balers. 

Woven strapping is made of crosswoven polyester threads. This textile strapping also achieves similar tensile strength and elongation values to those of the other straps. Due to its cross-woven structure, it is not easily cut through by sharp-edged packages. Optimum system strength is only achieved with phosphated clamps. The core diameter is 76mm.

Lashband, also known as lashing or lashing strap, are disposable lashing straps made of woven polyester threads. They are mainly used for export packaging or container loading. Unlike woven strapping, polyester threads are more closely woven and have two layers. The very high tensile strength is printed on the strap here. All straps are certified by Germanischer Lloyd for reasons of transport safety. Lashband is heat resistant up to 200°C. 

Composite tape, also known as PP textile tape, composite tape or composite tape, like the other textile tapes, consists of polyester threads which - unlike glued thread tape or woven tape - are additionally coated with a plastic layer. This ensures that the composite tape is optimally protected against sharp-edged packages as well as against the effects of the weather. Greater handling efficiency is achieved by the plastic coating, which makes the tape stiffer and thus easier to push under the packaged goods. The core diameter is 200mm.

Stretch tapes are THE choice for securing goods during order picking, during internal transport and for the residue-free removable labelling or marking of goods. They are loops which can be extended like an elastic band and are stretched around the top layer of the pallet. This prevents goods from slipping, sliding or falling off during picking. A simple form of load securing during operation.

Steel strapping has been used for a long time to secure palletised goods. It is still in use today in many companies. Steel strapping is available in numerous designs in terms of dimensions, grade, wrapping and corrosion protection. The wider and thicker the strap, the higher the tear resistance. Bare steel strapping has rounded edges, but has the least protection against rust. It is used in wood processing plants and for building materials.  The blued strip is subjected to a heat treatment - this is how the easily recognisable, blue shimmering oxide layer is created, which provides greater rust protection. The grades "black lacquered" and "galvanised" have a lacquer finish for best rust protection and - like all steel belts - rounded edges for minimum abrasion in automatic machines and avoidance of cut injuries for the processing staff.

Stitching wire for stitching machines in various designs (Classicbind for "normal paper", Powerbind for paper stacks, steel stitching wire for blocks) as round stitching wires, flat stitching wires, band stitching wires as well as binding wires for baling presses is traditional business for us. Walter Linder started in 1951 and we continue this business in the following generations.

The new highlight in our plastic-free packaging material:

Paper strapping!

  • Perfect for strapping parcels! Thanks to the tension strength of 25-55kp, parcel service consignments can be secured with the paper strap without any problems.
  • The waste paper cycle is supported by our paper strapping. It is fully recyclable - so you have an optimal alternative to common strapping made of polypropylene.
  • With its 5, 9 or 12mm width, the paper strapping can be used with almost any commercial strapping tool or in almost any strapping machine.*
  • With its core diameter of 200mm, the existing dispenser can be used in most cases, as many PP straps  are also manufactured with this core.
  • Individualisation is possible as the strap is also available printed! 

Sustainable packaging is very important to LINDER GmbH. We have been researching plastic-free, environmentally friendly packaging for a long time.

*Due to the thin water-based adhesive application, the strap is heat-sealable, but a significantly increased cleaning effort or spare parts requirement must be expected, especially in the area of the drive roller.

The following questions will help you answer the question of which belt type is the right one for your individual application:

How often is strapping done?

If strapping is done frequently, PET-strapping is preferable, as it can be processed very efficiently with battery strapping tools or fully automatic strapping machines. For smaller quantities, the investment in this equipment is usually not economical, so that textile strapping can be used.

Does the volume of the packaged goods change?

If the volume of the packaged goods changes, e.g. with drying wood or settling bulk goods, PP strapping or alternatively textile strapping is recommended due to the high elongation: Composite strap offers optimum protection against sharp edges and weathering influences such as high temperatures. Polyester thread structure tape, also known as "HotMelt", achieves high elongation values, has a high memory effect and can be used even at extremely cold temperatures without any problems. Woven strapping tape is particularly suitable for sharp-edged goods and therefore represents an interesting alternative to packaging steel tape. On the other hand, straps with lower elongation are to be preferred for strongly expanding packages, such as foams or baling presses.

What is the nature of the goods?

If particularly sharp-edged heavy or even hot goods are strapped, the use of steel packaging strapping is recommended. Of course, you will find all product qualities - blued, black lacquered or zinc dust lacquered - as quality or high-performance steel strapping.

What strengths are required?

The highest strength values can be achieved with PET and polyester textile strapping. If only low strengths are required, PP strapping is often the best option - especially since very inexpensive strapping tools are already available.

Whatever your requirements are - our experienced strapping experts will find the perfect solution for you. LINDER - We create Safety.

The advantages of PET strapping at a glance:

  •     No risk of corrosion
  •     Significant price advantages (up to 50% compared to steel strip)
  •     Reduced risk of injury or damage to people and packaged goods
  •     High closure strength
  •     Can be used with handheld and fully automatic machines
  •     The advantages of textile strapping at a glance:
  •     Can be retightened at any time
  •     Optimum protection against sharp edges
  •     Protection against weather influences in particularly warm or cold temperatures

The advantages of packaging steel strapping at a glance:

  •     Ideal for particularly sharp-edged goods
  •     Use with hot materials
  •     Suitable for use in semi-automatic or fully automatic machines as well as for hand-held devices

LINDER - Highest quality made in Germany

As a strapping strap manufacturer with decades of experience in the strapping sector, we can offer you all strap dimensions of all straps. Of course independent of the industry. LINDER is your one-stop strapping store - with us you get everything from one source. And we have the big picture in view: We make sure that the complete system of strapping band, strapping tool and seal works optimally to achieve exactly the system strength required for your requirements. Profit from our know-how and contact us - we will be happy to advise you.