If you use a manual strapping tool for your PET or PP strapping, you will need the appropriate sealing sleeves to seal the straps. We offer you a wide range of sealing sleeves. A small tip from our strapping experts: The strapping tool you use determines the type of seal to be used, not primarily the strap used. Seal, strapping band and strapping tool must be optimally matched to each other to achieve maximum system strength. Are you unsure which sealing sleeves are required for your purposes? No worries, that is what we are here for. Just contact us and we will find the right solution for you.

Seals for plastic strapping
Seals for steel strapping
Seals for textile strapping

Seals for PP / PET Strapping as well as metal buckles for polyester textile strapping

In order to achieve maximum system strength with your strapping, we support you with a broad range of seals and buckles in a wide variety of designs. To secure the straps with a manual strapping tool, seals or buckles are required. You can find an overview of the seals for strapping from our production as well as suitable strapping tools in our flyer.